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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us customs form

Instructions and Help about Us customs form

Hello everyone so today we're going to talk about the value-added tax or VAP refund and this applies to people who are not from the EU or not from London or Paris if you're traveling there and you can get your tax refund to be a global blue which is one of the two main companies that you get your tax refund from the other envelope looks like this and there's also the premier tax free different envelope so you might be curious how does this whole thing work so basically a door tourists traveling to London or parents and sales associates they probably know that your tour is from like their experience and when you pay for something they're going to ask you do you need a tax refund and is your tourist you're not going to eat you then you can ask for a tax refund so basically they will just give you a form to fill out and you just have to fill out your name address and all that just personal information and after that they'll give you an envelope with the forms inside and probably offer your receipt and you will just keep this hold onto this put this with all your important documents like passwords and whatnot and then you'll keep this until the daily key you so for example if I'm going to London and Paris I will keep it until my like final destination before leaving the EU so if one min is my last destination is lemon is the point that I leave the EU and go from London to LA then I'll keep all these envelopes until the very last day and I will find a booth at the airport to send these out so when you get to the airport you can ask around but usually there are big signs that says taxi sign and you just go to there you ask the staff and you just give them all these forms that accumulated to drop your trip and they will look into them and they will process your forms usually for smaller items and I'm talking about maybe under 4000 they're not going to look at the item don't take this regretted because they can change her role I recommend you to upload all your major purchases and all the purchases that you need v80 refined into your carry-on because it is possible that they asked to see them and they have to be unused and open of course and so when I got my Birkin I remember this was the only item that they have to see and is because it's over four thousand dollars or four thousand pounds so they wanted to see my Birkin so I had it pre candy in my carry-on and I just want to I think the second floor of a low corner in the second floor and I just showed them my Birkin and they were pretty quick about.

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